As a Cleaning Consultant, your commitment to the four pillars of great performance will yield outstanding results for your customers and your career:

1. Customized (World Class) Customer Service
2. Cleaning Excellence
3. Execution of Perfect Integrity
4. Going Over and Beyond Any and Every Chance you get


This is your chance to shine! Every decision you make-from punctuality, to development, integrity, to going over and beyond every chance you get will support your efforts to create an extraordinary customer experience. Your gift for cultivating customer relationships and responding efficiently to their needs will translate into overall company profitability. Moreover, modeling this level of world-class service will help you build and strengthen a high-performing team of Cleaning Consultants and support your Managers.

Hello, I'm Jason and I'm Lenise and we are the founders of We Do Everything Cleaning Company.  We are overjoyed to be serving the entire Jacksonville, FL area and we would love for you to be apart of our team!  Holding fast to our 4 Pillars is what separate us from any of the competition; we live and breath them.  It takes motivation, reliability, punctuality, flexibility, and the ability to demonstrate some elbow grease.  If you have what it takes to be apart of one the fastest growing and reputable companies, then this is the company for you.  Please contact us to get the first day of the rest of your life started.

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(904) 701-8774

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